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Christmass Classroom

“A Little Cheer” is our holiday program, bringing special gifts of comfort and food to children during the month of December.  Our primary focus is getting additional bags of nourishing food out to families who are also receiving Angel Tree gifts of toys, clothing and basic needs from their schools.  This additional food help families who struggle with hunger over the holiday break.  We also partner with our schools to identify "gaps" we can fill for children who otherwise aren't being reached through existing community or school-based holiday programs.  We currently serve over 200 kids each season.

We appreciate the annual "Friends Feeding Friends" food drive that the Lowes Foods on Tryon Rd. Cary hosts on behalf of Grow Our Kids each year.  #community






The holidays are a time to think of extending gifts from your heart to little hearts.  Please let us know if you would like to sponsor an emergency family or help with an Angel Tree gap and we'll get you involved.  Also touch base about volunteering as well - we need Grow Our Kids ELVES to help with donations and logistics in December! 

Please note that we aren't actively accepting toys.  Efforts such as the Salvation Army's Angel Tree are 100% focused on - and much better equipped to - successfully distribute toys to girls and boys of all ages  

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