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Grow Our Kids was founded on September 11, 2012 by a Tarheel girl who as a former New Yorker, thought this the perfect date to start something good.  Our volunteers are involved in countless different ways - some a little, some a lot, all of it crucial, special, and important. We're making a difference for year-round kiddos in an entirely new way with an entirely new service model - to date, serving nearly 400 children and their families throughout the year. 

 Our Growing Team (all volunteer)

Samantha Touchstone LoPiccolo

Founder & Director

Dan Crocker & Craig Smith

Directors, Wake Co., N.C.

"A Little Cheer With Santa" Team

Kristin Ardillo, Stephanie Monk, Chris Long, Tracy Wilcox, Karen Pfaff Manganillo, and Amanda Dunlap

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Hope Hart & The Strong Center Team

Program Leader, Holly Springs and Holly Ridge Elementary

Christine Kraft & Courtney Freeman

Little Bellies Snack Pantry Leaders - West Lake Elementary 

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Wake County Public School Social Workers, Principles, PTAs, and Teachers

...who identify children in need, distribute our food to the families we serve, and are advocates for kiddos who need help

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