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A Little Cheer With Santa 2021

As we continue to focus on everyone's health and safety,  we aren't going to be able to host our annual "A Little Cheer with Santa" event this December.  Citirx is closed and Santa is having to stay in the North Pole until 2022!


While we can't see you in person this year, your family can book a virtual visit at with the same Santa we've come to know and love at past events.  We can't wait to celebrate the season with you next year!!

Please also ask to be included in 2022 updates by emailing

You can support hungry children by donating to Grow Our Kids now or during the holidays! 
All donations support Grow Our Kids throughout the year and are so very appreciated. Let us know in PayPal notes if your donation is in honor of the holiday season of giving.
100% of proceeds benefit Grow Our Kids

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Photos from Previous A Little Cheer with Santa Events
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NGP_2502 f
NGP_1883 f
NGP_4170 f
NGP_2498 f
NGP_1886 f
NGP_2520 f (1)
Nila Garriga - NGP_9938 F
NGP_3975 f
NGP_1885 f
NGP_4159 f
Nila Garriga - NGP_9774 f
NGP_4853 f
NGP_3965 f
Nila Garriga - NGP_10162 f
ryan sides - SantaCharity_RyanSides17_12
Nila Garriga - NGP_9548 f
NGP_4014 f
NGP_4022 f
Nila Garriga - NGP_9912 f

Endless thanks to the "A Little Cheer Team" who make everything possible: Stephanie Monk, Kristin Ardillo, Chris Long, Karen Pfaff Manganillo, Tracy Wilcox, Lee Hill, and Amanda Dunlap

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