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It takes a village - YOUR business or organization can help us fill the gap!

Grow Our Kids collaborates with big-hearted busineses and organizations who share our mission to nourish local children in need. Our community partners contribute in a variety of ways — hosting drives or offering financial and logistical support, needed resources, time, and general awesomeness — which allows Grow Our Kids to create and run successful and sustainable  giving programs for our kiddos.  It takes a community to fill the gap and we’re doing it together! 

Community Partners
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Garden & Grow Partners
We LOVE getting fresh produce to our kiddos through partnerships with local farmers markets and community gardens
Giving Kiddos
We think kids who help other kids in need are pretty special and amazing.  K-12 kiddos are growing-the-good at their own schools and at home by hosting food drives for our programs and volunteering at our warehouse. If you have a school that would like to get involved, let us know (...the best part is that kids who volunteer become adults who volunteer)!
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Contact us to talk about becoming a community partner, we'd love to have you on the team!
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