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Donate your time (and a little elbow grease)

  • Help us pick-up food donations from our partner agencies or local food drives
  • Help us sort donated food and package our Little Bellies deliveries
  • Help us pack hurricane/snow day bags in the fall/winter (we'll need drivers for delivery as well)
  • Volunteer to deliver holiday bags to schools in mid to early December

Start a "Giving Network"

  • Start a “giving network” of your own to coordinate throughout the year as frequently or infrequently as you would like so that our shelves stay stocked
  • We will gladly help you develop the details and logistics and provide you with some fun resources to use along the way
  • Get your family, friends, churches, colleagues, and teammates involved!​

Become a Program Leader

  • If would like to take a leadership role, consider starting a program at an under served year-round school
  • With our full support, existing service model, and help, you would lead the operations, logistics, communications, planning, and fun for your program 
  • Our Program Leaders are a crucial part of the vision, strategy, and growth of Grow Our Kids

Start a Grow Our Kids Chapter In YOUR Town

  • Please let us know if you are interested in starting a Grow Our Kids chapter where you live (N.C. and beyond!)
  • With the full support of the organization, you would create and run a chapter from the ground up
  • We will work with you to identify the "gap" and establish a program - soup to nuts - that will be fulfilling, successful, and sustainable for you
  • Chapter by chapter, we can fill gaps across the United States!
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Contact us to coordinate volunteering

There are many different ways you can get invovled with Grow Our Kids. Help us fill the gap!

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