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Where "No Kid Hungry" Ends and "Grow Our Kids" Begins

Jeff Bridges is awesome. He is the public face of Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” campaign which is a national force in ending childhood hunger in America. Share Our Strength funnels badly needed money and resources to programs that feed lower-income kids at school; they also provide major support to food banks such as NC’s Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC (one of our “Community Partners”). Share Our Strength is an amazing organization and they are making an incredible – we mean INCREDIBLE – difference in the fight to end childhood hunger.

Here’s the catch: when kids are OUT of school, access to crucial breakfast and lunch programs disappears in many cases.

Here’s another catch: families can only rely on their local food banks to a limited extent. That food goes fast and is not enough to feed a family for weeks on end, let alone when their school age children are home for every meal.

So there we have it: a GAP between kids in crisis and the resources in our communities that can help.

Our mission is to fill that gap. It’s where we come in and it’s what our “Little Bellies” program is all about.

In the meantime, thank you Jeff Bridges for shining a light on childhood hunger. Total. Badass.


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