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1,000 Thank You's to MSA

One awesome team of fun and generous people + a serious commitment to local kids = Over 1,000 items of donated food!

MSA, an awesomely talented Raleigh, N.C.-based ad agency, has been committed to Grow Our Kids from Day One, hosting annual company-wide food drives to benefit our Little Bellies program. This year, they focused their efforts during #HungerActionMonth, a nation-wide campaign to end childhood hunger in the U.S. Because MSA is more creative than the average Joe, they came up with a brilliant social media campaign called #LikesForLove which committed one item of food for every “like”, “share”, or “retweet” from their page and posts during the month of September.

We literally – and I do mean literally – couldn’t do it without the support of our Community Partners. Thank you to everyone on the MSA team for their effort, energy, and endless generosity. Together, we’re ending childhood hunger.

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