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The "Little Recipe Book"

The Majority of our produce comes through Farmer Foodshare’s amazing “Donation Station” program. This program connects local farmers who grow food to communities who need food. But Grow Our Kids knows that education is a big part of the “fresh produce” movement – you won’t eat or serve a yummy, nutritious zucchini if you don’t know how to cook it. In the words of Farmer Foodshare’s Food Ambassadors: “we often find that people encounter produce they haven’t tried before, or find they don’t know how to safely store vegetables.”

This is why Grow Our Kids is distributing “The Little Recipe Book” (in English and Spanish) to all of our families as we provide them with fresh, seasonal produce throughout the year. Many thanks to Farmer Foodshare for providing such great, fun information about all the fruits and veggies we find at our local farmers markets via their website:

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